January 30, 2023


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Tips for Buying Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Tips for Buying Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are versatile appliances that make an excellent investment in home comfort. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also add a sophisticated aesthetic to your home. Here is a helpful Buying Guide to help you choose a ceiling fan that keeps you cool while complementing your home’s decor.

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Ceiling Height

Before you purchase your ceiling fan, calculate the height of the ceiling where it will go. The ideal height between the fan’s blades and the floor is 8-9 feet. Depending on the height of the ceiling, you may need a down-rod mount.  Below is a chart to help you determine the length of the down-rod you need.

Ceiling HeightRecommended Down-rod Size

If you have a sloped ceiling, you will need an angle mount. As an added safety precaution, it is recommended to install ceiling fans so that the blades are more than 30 inches from the wall.

Ceiling Fan Blades

You want your ceiling fan blades to be at least 35 inches from the walls. The size of your room will help you determine the size of your fan blades.

Room SizeFan Blade Size
10’ Χ 10’30”-48”
20’ Χ 20’50”-54”
Larger than 30’ Χ 30’56” or larger

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Remote Control
The remote control makes using your ceiling fan extremely convenient. Remotes are available with multiple speeds, sleep timers, and programmable on/off switch.

Decorative Glass Shades
Glass shades in a variety of styles, including marble, bronze, frosted, white linen, clear, and more.

Slope Adaptor
Slope adaptors will help if you have a sloped ceiling of 33-45 degrees. Available in a variety of finishes including nickel, brushed aluminum, bronze, copper, and more.

If you need Ceiling Fan Installation, call +91 738 738 2602 to Book a professional at GoHelpMate.