January 31, 2023


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Some Easy Home Repairs to Add Property Value

There are plenty of opportunities to spotlight your property to add property value & keep a healthy lifestyle.

To help you on this we at GoHelpMate put together a checklist of upgrades to your home that are relatively inexpensive, but that can add significant property value and return on investment. Just a few of the simple fixes can increase your property’s value.

Most of the tasks to follow can be accomplished with pros at GoHelpMate that very cost effective.

Replace Your Front Door. A beautiful new front door—preferably one that’s reinforced steel— will not only add immediate curb appeal, it’s also a bonus to home safety, as well as to air quality. To stretch your budget, you could simply do a nice repaint of the door instead.

Add a New Coat of Paint. A new paint job for the entire interior of the property is a time-honored, popular and accepted method of adding newness and brightness to a home and instant appeal to homebuyers.

An exterior paint job can give new life to a home’s appeal, emphasizing its best features and providing home shoppers with a pleasing first glimpse of your property at its best.

Professionally Inspect, clean and paint interior / Exterior Moldings can help to frame a room and show off its bones. Clean and neatly paint your moldings to show off a room at its most beautiful.

Professionally Clean Your Windows / Rooms / Kitchen (Inside and Out). It’s amazing the effect clean and sparkling windows can have on the appeal of a property. From outside, they twinkle in the sun and provide a pleasant introduction to the home itself. From inside, and framed only minimally with draperies or blinds they maximize light and air, contributing to an overall impression of warmth and cleanliness.

Professionally Clean Carpets. Far too many overlook this simple, easy way to show off a home to its best advantage and give new life to old carpets when the budget doesn’t allow for them to be replaced outright. This task also contributes to overall air quality and can make a huge difference in homes where smoking or pets were also a factor.

Professionally Fix and Repair External Gates, Fences, Furniture. This is a repair that is both useful cosmetically, as well as being a big plus for home shoppers who are both safety-minded or who may be pet owners. You may also want to consider adding on a fresh coat of paint or varnish.


If you need help accomplishing such tasks, or want to find a Home Repair / service Professional to assist with them, our GohelpMate app can be a great resource.

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