January 30, 2023


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10 Tips For safety during Electrical services Best Practices

At GoHelpMate, our service experts follow the safety measures to avoid any accidents and maintain quality of work. We at Gohelpmate follow below 10 tips for electrical safety in the home but not limited to…

1. Look after your electrical appliances

Always follow instructions, and hold a plug to connect and disconnect from the socket. Ensure your appliances are in good order, and pay special attention to cords: worn electric cords should be replaced by a licensed electrician which can be donemanaged with Gohelpmate experts.

2. Safeguard from children

Make your electric outlets childproof.

3. Teach children about the dangers of electricity

Children love copying, it’s how they learn. When using electricity, set a good example and talk to your children about how to use the electric appliances safely.

4. Protect against power surges

A power surge is unpredictable, and can damage computers, televisions, air conditioners, and other expensive devices. Always unplug appliances when not in use.

5. Use safety devices

Surge protectors will help protect appliances whilst in use, and safety switches which cut the power within seconds of a problem occurring. A licenced electrician will be happy to advice on the most appropriate safety devices to use as per the specify requirements and applicability. Our experts at GoHelpMate consult for safety devices.

6. Beware of overhead and underground power lines

Keep clear of power lines when working on electrics, particularly when repairing a roof, pruning trees, or working on a swimming pool. If work is needed underground, always make certain it’s safe to do so and check with the local concerned authorities.

7. Water and electricity don’t mix

Remove electric appliances from bathrooms, near sinks, or by the pool, always drying hands before touching electrical appliances. When using appliances near water only ever use electric cords designed for use in wet areas.

8. Feel a tingle, call an expert  

If you feel tingling when using an electric appliance, turn off the electric at the mains and call a licenced electrician. Also, be ready with emergency procedures. Experts at GoHelpMate are always available for assistance in such cases.

9. Report faults immediately

Any electrical accident which requires medical treatment should be reviewed and the source of the problem resolved, to precent recurrence.

10. Call the experts

Never attempt electrical work yourself: always use the services of a licenced electrician. They know what they’re doing, they’ll have all the right equipment, and their work will be guaranteed.

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