March 22, 2023


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GoHelpMate_how_to _fix _earphone_controller

GoHelpMate_how_to _fix _earphone_controller

Do you want to fix the issue with your earphone?

We at GoHelpmate provide services for all types of mobile phones & accessories repair. But, it is very important to try to fix the easy fixes which do not require specific skills. Along with our professionals, we publish the manuals for issue troubleshooting which can be used by our customers too.

There are often times when a set of in-ear headphones swill suddenly lose sound in one of the earphones. Most times this issue is found at the 3.5mm jack.

However, this quide will assist when the issue is rather located at the control and mic box found on common in-headphones that come with Cellphones.

It will simply show one how to open the case, resolder the wire that has come loose (which is most likely the problem).

Step1: The Control Unit

iPhone plays/pauses/skips songs and activates siri only when ...

Find the edge of the control unit and get a very fine flathead screw driver (or a plastic pry tool which would do less damage)

Step2: Opening the Unit

  • Wedge the tool in the corner and start sliding it to the left.
  • As you do this slowely twist the screw driver back and forth to release the clips.
  • Try not to let the tool slip into the control unit as this may damage the circuit board inside.

Step3: Remove the covers

  • Repeat step 2 and the control unit should open as seen in the image.
  • Remove the plastic sleeves and you will be left with just the circuit board (see second image).

Step4: Identify broken / Loose connection

  • It is quickly seen that one of the wires has broken away from the circuit board (see image)

Step5: Re-solder the broken or loose connection

  • Once the wire is found a steady hand and a fine-tipped soldering iron should be used to reattach the wire.
  • Ensure that you do not head to the circuit board for too long as it may cause damage (be as quick as possible!)
  • After this, the circuit board and wires should be re-assembled as they were before. Press the plastic cover halves together and it should click back into place.

And Its fixed…!! It should make the earphone work normally.

Please note: Mostly, such issues are because of the issues with the controller. Even after following the above steps, the issue still exists and the earphone you own are costly are you want to prefer the fix instead of replacing them, please book the Mobile Repair service professional with GoHelpMate to fix the issue with the right skill required.