March 22, 2023


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Use of Tractor in Farming – GoHelpMate

GoHelpMate Tractor on rent in maharashtra

Tractors have always played an important part in a role in agriculture. The Tractor offers huge advantages as it maximizes the outcome, saves money and resources and most importantly it helps the farmers to work in a more productive way.

Nowadays tractors also offer a lot of advantages for not only big farms but also for small farms, lawn and garden related works.

For the different type of agricultural activities nowadays tractors are available in a wide range of models, these tractors are specially built and made to offer versatility in working for the farmers. These Tractors can perform tasks right from the easiest to the toughest farming activity

Tractors other than transporting materials are also used with an attachment which makes the tractor more efficient while working in the field.

There are many applications / attachments which are used along with the tractor like Rotavator, Harvester, Cultivator, Laser Leveller, Disc plough, Thresher, etc

Tractor on rent in Maharashtra will help farmers increase productivity, save time, save on labor & the major problem of Post-harvest losses will be minimized.

Principle uses of a tractor in Agriculture:

  • To pull different land preparation executes like a furrow, Harrow, rotavator, cultivator and so forth utilizing drawbar
  • For planting and seeding correctly
  • For intercultural tasks with different implements
  • For collecting of different crops
  • For sifting, utilizing PTO shaft
  • To pull levelers, trolley, tankers and so forth utilizing single-point linkage


  • Saves time & improve efficiency
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Used as transport for Heavy Items
  • Provides multiple farming uses (Plowing, Tilling, Planting, Mowing, Spraying, Harvesting, etc)

GoHelpMate provides the platform to rent out the Tractor on reasonable rate on pay per use basis.

GoHelpMate Tractor on rent in maharashtra